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The Lab (Hamaabada)

The Lab

Winning Best Debut Film at this year’s Doc Aviv film festival, Yotam Feldman’s The Lab taps into the provocative spirit of Michael Moore-style documentary making, audaciously mixing the serious with the satirical.

Utilising unprecedented access to leading Israeli weapons salesmen, The Lab follows some of the industry’s heavyweights into a chilling and morally questionable world. It explores the demand for Israeli military know-how — often by the very states publicly denouncing Israel at every opportunity — to combat the growing threat of armed resistance and guerrilla forces in regions beyond the Middle East. The Lab toys with a very difficult question of ambiguity and hypocrisy, investigating how the Israeli military policy in the territories has morphed from economic burden to financial boom.

Screening with: Until We Find A Place

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    Yotam Feldman