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The Israeli Code

The Israeli Code

“There is a great sense of national pride. In a sense there is even great national arrogance … We love flags.”

A light-hearted but intelligent documentary that explores the quirks, intricacies and chutzpah of Israeli society. The Israeli Code examines the Israeli public sphere with sociologist Gad Yair and photojournalist Alex Levac who untangle, with humour and a typically Israeli no-nonsense approach, the DNA of a society and it’s love affair with mobile phones, public displays of patriotism and the ever-pervasive use of guilt as emotional currency. By scrutinising the Israeli way of life, with two filmmakers who, for a living, examine it without bias, this film is an accessible way to survey the complexities of contemporary Israeli life for the uninitiated, and a delightful analysis for those who have experienced it first hand.

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    Ayelet Dekel