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AKA Nadia (Nadia — Shem Zemani)

AKA Nadia

A.K.A Nadia is clever and thrilling... filled with passion and life” — Front Row Reviews

Maya Goldwasser’s life is a lie. For over 20 years, Maya has lived as a devoted Jewish wife and mother, hiding her biggest secret: she was born Nadia Kabir to a Muslim family. The devastating secrets of Maya’s past resurface to haunt her when she spots a figure from her previous life, sparking memories of her torrid teenage affair with a Palestinian Liberation Movement activist. Through the unique story of its heroine, this film contemplates life in a society ridden with profound intolerance. Neta Shpigelman plays the dual role with sharply delivered emotional complexity, from love-struck teenager to cutting-edge choreographer. Winner of the Israel Critics’ Forum Award at the Jerusalem Film Festival.

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    Tova Asher