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Zero Motivation

, 2014

Already one of Israel’s most successful films and winner of  6 Ophir Awards (Israeli Oscars), 2104. Winner of Best Feature and the prestigious Nora Ephron Prize, Tribeca Film Festival, 2014.

An army story with a difference: here, at a remote desert army base in southern Israel, the female clerical staff is at the centre of the action. Zero Motivation tells the stories of three soldiers engaged in battles armed with staple guns, paper shredders and strongly worded letters against the absurdity of the bureaucracy that governs their lives. After growing up on macho, male-dominated films about war and heroism, first-time feature director Talia Lavie extends the same attention to the women who do compulsory military service in offices all over the country. A hilarious, poignant and crowd-pleasing black comedy, Zero Motivation will resonate with anyone who has ever done menial, seemingly pointless work, while trying to maintain their love life, sense of dignity and sanity.

Co-presented by See-Saw Films

100 mins/ Hebrew (english subtitles)
director — Talia Lavie
category — The Situation (hamatzav)