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In the tradition of The Boys From Brazil (1978) and Marathon Man (1976), Wakolda is a chilling and visually stunning fictional tale about the escape of one of the most notorious war criminals of all time.

Nominated for Un Certain Regard at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, noted Argentinian director Lucia Puenzo’s tension-laden drama, tells of the imagined experiences of a family in 1960s Argentina who come into close contact with Dr Josef Mengele, the engineer of the Third Reich’s experiments to create a master race. The charismatic Mengele takes refuge in a recently opened Patagonian villa run by a young family with twins on the way. The doctor is drawn toward the couple’s sensitive and delicate daughter, Lilith, who — except for her miniscule stature — represents the ‘perfect specimen’ on which to continue his ghoulish work. Wakolda’s rumbling and creepy soundtrack is by Melbourne’s iconic instrumental rock trio The Dirty Three.

93 min / Spanish, German, Hebrew (English subtitles)
Director — Lucia Puenzo
Category — Haunted Histories