Stills / Trailer

Ponevezh Time

, 2012

“It is the equivalent of Oxford, the Sorbonne and MIT all rolled into one… It is a look at what life is really like for students and faculty there.”— The Jerusalem Post

Nominated for Best Documentary this year at the Ophir Awards (Israel’s Oscars), Ponevezh Time is an insightful portrayal of life inside one of the most elite and inaccessible yeshivas* in the world. Former student Yehonatan Indursky is given unprecedented access in this intriguing documentary, capturing the sadness, conflict, joys and introspection of five high-achieving students searching for their place in a highly disciplined and homogenous world.

Screening with: God is Kidding

53 min / Hebrew (English subtitles)
Director — Yehonatan Indursky
Category — The Situation (Hamatzav)