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To Life (A Lae Vie)

, 2013

Inspired by French director Jean-Jacques Zilbermann’s mother and her girlfriends, To Life centres on three women Hélène, Rose, and Lili who were all in Auschwitz, but who haven’t seen each other since the war. When the three friends decide to get together at Berck-Plage, their holiday will offer them many firsts: their first real meal together, their first ice cream, their first swim. There will be laughter, song, along with arguments, love affairs, and friendship.

Previously chronicled in the director’s documentary Irene and Her Sisters, this polished fictional recreation is set in a provincial seaside resort in 1960. To Life is an idyllic drama surrounding friendships forged within the darkest of situations. The film stars notable French actresses Julie Depardieu, Johanna ter Steege and Suzanne Clement (Mommy, Laurence Anyways) as Helene, Rose and Lili.

104 mins/ French (English Subtitles)
Director — Jean-Jacques Zilbermann