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The Last of the Unjust (Le Dernier des Injustes)

, , 2013

“An extraordinary testimony, with shattering revelations…a remarkable film.” — The Guardian

The Last of the Unjust, which screened in official selection at Cannes this year, is the newest film from Claude Lanzmann, the creator of Shoah* (1985) the seminal Holocaust documentary. From interviews he did in 1975 while creating Shoah, Lanzmann now focuses on a complex and unique figure: the Jewish Council president of the Thereseinstadt Ghetto, Benjamin Murmelstein. The film is essentially an extended, in-depth interview with one of the most notorious figures of the era. Lanzmann gives viewers a revealing depiction of Murmelstein, whose position highlights the complexities of moral responsibility and complicates our judgements and understanding of Jewish collaboration. These questions are also considered in Hannah Arendt, which also screened at JIFF 2013.

Please note:  This film will screen with a short intermission.

219 min / German, French (English subtitles)
Director — Claude Lanzmann
Category — Brilliant Minds